14 feb. 2011

Crónica de Buika en Israel y anécdota con el piano en el que tocó el maestro Ivan "Melón" Lewis.

(En la foto: Iván "Melón" Lewis y Concha Buika)

Buika's Friday night concert at Tel Aviv's Performing Arts Center started with a fiasco. The body of the grand piano crashed down in the middle of one of the first songs and landed on the stage with a thud. The pianist, singer and the audience were all shocked. "I've been performing since I was 14," said Buika, "and I've seen quite a few strange things. I saw people stripping in the middle of a concert. But I've never seen anything like this."

It was a one-time malfunction in a very good performance. Like Gray, but in a total different way, Buika is graced with a fantastic voice and a winning personality; the deep, dark voice, raspy and strong, with a slight tendency toward shrieking in the high register. The personality is sensuous and uninhibited.

Buika's first minute on stage said it all: She went to the pianist, embraced him like a lover, took a cup and spilled some of its contents on the stage and took off her shoes. Later on she doted verbally on the young stagehand who was summoned to fix the piano; in short, a free spirit in action.

Buika's expressive and intense singing was supported by an ensemble of a pianist, bassist and percussionist who were good most of the time, but far from thrilling. The music was a nice combination of flamenco, salsa, African music and touches of jazz.

Personally, I would like to see Buika balancing between her flashy theatricality and a more lyrical dimension, and also remaining the entire time in her low and wonderful register instead of climbing occasional to shrieking heights. Even so this was a very impressive concert and for someone who understood the words of the songs (Spanish speakers filled the hall ), it was surely an uncommon pleasure. She will be back. There's no other way.

Fuente: http://www.haaretz.com

Buika en Israel cantando "Volveras"

Buika en Israel cantando "Luz de luna"

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